Stealth World Bodyboard Leash Plug


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Stealth World Bodyboard Leash Plug. Generous bridge to loop your leash. Large head fits flush with your deck. Check our Bodyboarding Accessories NOW!

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Stealth World Bodyboard Leash Plug

The Stealth World Bodyboard Leash Plug is what you need to fit your leash to your bodyboard.  The plug is inserted into and through your bodyboard. The top of the plug has the threading hole for your leash. The bottom of the plug has a circular head you screw to secure the plug to your board. The plug features a  generous loop bridge. This is the bar on the top under which your leash is threaded. So it’s super easy to fit your cord through. It has a generous circular head so will fit flush with your deck and stay in place. Constructed to be strong and durable it’ll do its part in keeping your bodyboard with you through the heaviest wipeouts. The World Bodyboard slogan is embossed on the plug. So you know you’ve got a dedicated bodyboarding accessory.

Stealth have a range of products to give you great bodyboarding. They’ve got their own range of boards from Beginner to Elite level. With their boards they research out what’s necessary for maximum performance and then create it. For example they create their own foam cores with hybrid foams with optimal flex characteristics. They’ve got their own brand fins. The fins feature advanced design technology so you can perform your best in the surf. Check how Stealth can power your Bodyboarding: Stealth


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