Creatures Body Board Leash Plug


Creatures Bodyboard Leash Plug gives you great design and materials for safe secure Bodyboarding. Precision screw fitting makes installation easy

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Creatures Body Board Leash Plug

The Creatures Body Board Leash Plug gives a quality plug to secure your leash to your bodyboard. Versatile, it can also be used for your foamie and Softboard too. Coming from Creatures of Leisure, the plug utilises quality materials and design.

The plug features a sloped entry. This makes it much easier to thread the string of your leash. This slope makes the bulky doubled-over string easy to slide in. It also makes it easy for your fingers to grab and pull it out the other side.

The center bridge is where all the pressure is. It features a design that utilises the strength of the surface of the plug. So even under the pressure of the biggest wipeout the plug will stay true. The bottom screw thread is precise. So fitting and installation is easy.

This is a great plug to have handy for your next bodyboard or in case of a mishap. Check our full range of Bodyboard Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboard Accessories


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