Stealth Basic Wrist Leash


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Stealth Basic Wrist Bodyboard Cord. Coiled cord, neoprene padded cuff. Great value. Comes in assorted colours. Check our Bodyboards and Accessories NOW!


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Stealth Basic Wrist Bodyboard Leash

The Stealth Basic Wrist Bodyboard Leash is a good leash to start your bodyboarding experience. As a Beginner, safety while having fun is what bodyboarding is all about. The Stealth Basic Wrist Leash keeps you from losing your board, from doing too much swimming or getting into trouble in deeper water. Stealth’s Basic Wrist Bodyboard Leash gives you the confidence to go for big moves whenever you like and will keep your board with you. Secured down on the end of your arm on your wrist it’s easy to see what’s going on and get the fit right. The alternative leash is the bicep leash. Out in the water this can sometimes slip down so you can be distracted trying to fix it. The wrist leash, once fitted, tends to stay right where you put it.

Stealth’s Stealth Basic Wrist Bodyboard Leash includes all Stealth’s great features. The wrist cuff is padded with premium rolled neoprene so you get comfort. There’s also a quick-release tab so if you get tangled with another surfer or into a dangerous situation you can quickly get the leash off. The leash itself is polyurethane and coiled. Coiling further keeps the leash from getting in your way. Stealth recommends this model for Beginners, and it comes in an assortment of colours. Check how Stealth can power your Bodyboarding: Stealth

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Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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