VS L0 Basic Wrist Bodyboard Leash


The VS L0 Basic Wrist Bodyboarding Leash gives you great comfort with 5mm cord that’s perfect for smaller surf. The stainless steel swivel keeps your leash tangle free so you get great paddling and no interference going for big moves

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VS L0 Basic Wrist Bodyboard Leash

The VS L0 Basic Wrist Bodyboard Leash gives you great value in a fully functional leash. It’s got all the features you need with the latest design from VS. First there’s a stainless steel swivel. This prevents your leash from twisting up. So you won’t get interference when you’re paddling hard catching lots of waves or going for big moves.

This prevention of tangling also stops your board coming back at you too fast as your cord can stretch its full length and return naturally. The cuff features a standoff tab. This is easy to get your fingers into to get a fast release. This release is important so you can ditch your bodyboard in a dangerous situation. It’s part of a a stylish functional bodyboard wrist strap.

The VS L0 Basic Wrist Bodyboard Leash cuff has strong durable 10cm webbing. This is the perfect size to fit your wrist without twisting too much or being too cumbersome. The webbing has a soft neoprene padding so you get a great comfy feel, even when the waves are tugging on you.

The cord’s 5mm thickness is perfect for smaller size general waves. It’s lean so won’t get in your way and works great in the coiled wrist leash design. However if you’re going out in  big waves check our bigger leashes. This is a great bodyboard wrist strap keeping you and your board safe. Check our full range of Bodyboard Leashes at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboard Leash

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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