Maddog Coiled Wrist Leash


Maddog Coiled Wrist Leash. 7mm cord is strong & reliable. Double stainless steel swivels give high performance. Check our Bodyboard Accessories Online NOW!

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Maddog Coiled Wrist Leash

The Maddog Coiled Wrist Leash is great for your bodyboarding. What immediately sets it apart is its twin swivels. High quality stainless steel swivels keep this leash from tangling, moving freely on your wrist without interfering with your surfing. The cord diameter is 7mm. This is generous giving you extra strength. Neoprene padding on the wrist gives you comfort. A quick release tab is easy to grab in an emergency, and helps getting the leash off when you’ve finished your surf. Rip & Grip velcro is featured so the leash will stay on and won’t be pulled off by a wave. The leash stretches to 1.2m. The Maddog Coiled Wrist Leash will give you great surfing keeping your board attached to you.

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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