FK Standard Bicep Coil Bodyboard Leash


The FK Standard Bicep Coil Body Board Leash gives you a strong 7mm cord and comfy high performance bicep cuff. On your bicep the cuff keeps the leash out of your way when gripping your board and paddling.

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FK Standard Bicep Coil Bodyboard Leash

The FK Standard Bicep Coil Bodyboard Leash is a good leash to start your bodyboarding experience. The cuff is generous with neoprene padding so it’s comfortable. The cord is 7mm diameter so it’s robust. The cord length is in a compact coiled form so it won’t get in your way while paddling. The cuff has a moulded horn that projects the cord away from your bicep so it doesn’t interfere.  There’s a quick release tab so you can get free of your board if needed. Note the FK Standard Bicep Coil Leash doesn’t include a swivel so the cord could tend to twist up. It includes the plug to fit to your bodyboard so is ready to go.

As a Beginner, safety while having fun, is what bodyboarding is all about. The FK Standard Bicep Coil Bodyboard Leash keeps you from losing your board, from doing too much swimming or getting into trouble in deeper water. The leash gives you the confidence to go for big moves whenever you like. The bicep leash that fits on your upper arm is preferred by many bodyboarders. Being on your arm it is out of the way of your hand gripping to your board. It is also out of the way if you use your hand and arm for paddling. When doing manoeuvres the leash projects away from your body so is much less likely to get caught up in your boarding moves. To find out more on how FK Far King can power your surfing check here: FK Surf Essentials.

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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