Nomad Pro Bicep Bodyboard Leash


The Nomad Pro Bicep Bodyboard Leash gives you 7mm cord that is ideal for the waves you surf everyday giving strength and great return. A double padded cuff is super comfy and double chrome swivels keep your leash from tangling

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Nomad Pro Bicep Bodyboard Leash

The Nomad Pro Bicep Bodyboard Leash gives you great performance. The cord is 7.1mm diameter making it the perfect thickness for your day to day size waves. You get great stretch and return without it being too bulky so that it interferes with your surfing, or too thin that it over stretches.

It features dual swivels one at either end of the cord. These are chrome so you get a super smooth self lubricating finish that spins super easily. This means that your cord won’t twist up that can lead to snags and drag in the water. The swivels have a torpedo shape so you get great water flow around them.

Bicep Performance

The Nomad Pro Bicep Bodyboard Leash has a bicep cuff. So it’s not worn on your wrist but on your upper arm. This position is preferred by a lot of riders as it keeps the leash out of your way when paddling. The bicep cuff is double padded so you can get a super snug fit with maximum comfort.

The padding also extends over the edges of the cuff preventing rash and you feeling the cuff cutting into your muscle.  A heavy duty fastener is used that wraps an additional layer of webbing through an eyelet. In this way the velcro won’t come undone if it bumps against your shoulder.

A key feature is the plastic pull tab that sticks up at the end of the cuff. This is easy grab so you can get your leash off with a single tug. This is great for day-to-day convenience in getting your and  leash off. It’s also important if you ever need to get free of your leash if tangled with another surfer or you’re in a dangerous situation.

This is a great full featured leash. Check our full range of Bodyboard Gear at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboarding

  • Ideal thickness 7.1mm cord
  • Comfy bicep cuff
  • Self lubricating chrome swivels
  • Easy pull release tab

Additional information

Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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