Creatures Day Use Bodyboard Bag


Creatures DayUse Bodyboard Bag. High quality features. Diamond-Tech heat resistant material reflects heat to keep your board in prime condition. Waterproof so it won’t get water logged.


Creatures Day Use Bodyboard Bag

The Creatures Day Use Bodyboard Bag is a high quality way of getting around with your bodyboard day to day. It holds one board up to 44″ in size, so will take a big board. Construction is of the Diamond tech fabric exclusive to Creatures. This fabric is UV resistant, resists high temperatures, is super durable and has a waterproof coating. So your board is kept super safe and your bag won’t take on weight absorbing water. A long wearing marine grade corrosion resistant zip gives access. This is important as the zip is where most bags corrode and fail.

The Creatures Day Use Bodyboard Bag has a reflective night tape so you’ll be able to find your board even in the dark. The bag is a great way to keep wax and dirt getting on your board, and also from getting in your car. The outside of the bag has a large pocket for fins, wetsuit, leash and anything else you need to take with you. So you can carry everything with one bag. The pocket also has a large mesh section so your accessories can dry reducing unwanted odors. There’s a padded side carry handle that gives a comfy hold. Longer distance transport is also made easy with comfy backstraps. To find out more on how Creatures can power your surfing check here: Creatures of Leisure Surf Accessories

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 cm


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