NMD L4 Bicep Bodyboard Leash


The NMD L4 Bicep Body Board Leash gives you a great 9mm cord with comfy and quick release cuff. The cord is extra strong giving you great durability and return. The cuff is also double lined for your comfort.

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NMD L4 Bicep Bodyboard Leash

The NMD L4 Bicep Bodyboard Leash gives you high end performance and features. The coiled cord is 9mm diameter. This is huge thickness compared to most other leashes. The 9mm gives great strength for the biggest most powerful waves. It also gives great return. So it doesn’t turn into spaghetti if pulled too hard nor recoil too fast. It brings your board out of the impact zone to you just right. Dual stainless steel swivels are fitting at the ends. This is a high end feature that ensures your leash doesn’t twist up on your arm and interfere with your surfing. The quality stainless steel swivels also stay free running.

The NMD L4 Bicep Leash cuff is a great design. The cuff is double lined. This means the soft neoprene has a nylon outer on both sides. So you get a smooth finish and comfort feel. There’s a quick release tab that comes up from the end of the cuff. This is important as if your leash ever gets caught up or you need to ditch your board you can be free with a quick pull. You don’t have to try to undo two layers of velcro. The bicep leash is a great design and fits up your arm so keeping your hands free. So you can grip your board better, and paddle more freely without your leash interfering.

The NMD L4 Bicep Body Board Leash is a great way to keep your bodyboard with you in all surf conditions. Check our full range of Bodyboard Leashes at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboard Leashes

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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