Stealth Combat Bodyboard


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The Stealth Combat Bodyboard gives you two S5 stringers and fusion core for speed and carve surfing. The HD slick gives you a faster ride and nose and tail bumpers add durability.


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Stealth Combat Bodyboard

The Stealth Combat Bodyboard is a great value fun board. The Fusion EPS foam core used in the board is great for Beginners. It provides a balance between stiffness and flex with buoyancy. It’s more buoyant than other cores so it paddles easily. This is great so your paddling will go farther, faster making it easy to get out the back and catch waves. Not super flexi the board does longer carve turns so you get a faster ride. This equates to fun. If you do bend into it the board will go into carving turns.

The Stealth Tech EPS Bodyboard incorporates two S5 stringers giving additional benefits. These help control the flex of your board. So It flexes as you go into a turn then releases giving you an energy boost as you go out. It helps your board recoil quickly to its flatter shape and so gives you additional speed. It maintains your rocker so you don’t over flex in and out of turns. The HD bottom slick gives you added speed and durability. 50/50 rails give you a good balance between maneuverability and speed. There’s nose and tail bumpers so you get added durability and strength. A leash and plug are included. To find out more on how Stealth will give you the best ride check here: Stealth Bodyboards

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 60 × 20 cm


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