ION Capture Kids Wetsuit Steamer 4-3mm


The ION Capture Kids Steamer 4-3mm gives your kids super comfort with performance flex. For all beach activities they’ll stay warm and perform great

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ION Capture Kids Wetsuit Steamer 4-3mm

The ION Capture Kids Wetsuit Steamer 4-3mm gives your kids great beach time all year round. ION is known for its high quality neoprene. So the suit is super soft and comfy. The neoprene is also super flexi so it stretches to give your kids a great fit.

This flex also gives great performance in the surf. Whether it’s swimming, snorkeling, surfing or life saving arm and body movement is super easy. Your kids will go farther, faster with less fatigue. The 4-3mm neoprene gives great 4mm warmth and protection for the core body while the arms get more freedom of movement.

The ION Capture Kids Steamer 4-3mm has a front zip. This gives the best balance between ease of entry and exit from the suit and warmth. You zip it open and step in and out, it’s that easy. As the zip is at the front it’s up out of the water so areas like the lower back and core stay warmer.

High wear areas like the knees have extra reinforcement so your kids will get a few seasons use. The stitching is also extra strong and flat so reducing rash. The high visibility colours on the sleeves also give a sense of safety as you’ll be able to easily pick out the suit in the surf. Check our full range of Kids Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Kids Wetsuits


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