Adrenalin Hot Top Jr Wetsuit


Adrenalin Hot Top Jr Wetsuit. 1mm flex and comfort. Reduced rashing. Long sleeve UV protection. Check out our range of Kids wetsuits and surf gear NOW!

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Adrenalin Hot Top Jr Wetsuit

The Adrenalin Hot Top Jr Wetsuit is the perfect lightweight vest for your kids. It’s constructed of Duraflex neoprene. This gives you a great balance between warmth, good flexibility and good durability. Flexibility is important in many surf and swimming activities. Your kids being able to move their arms freely equates to paddling faster, farther with less fatigue. So this suit will help your kids perform. The durability is important as being able to take a bump or scrape and standing up to being roughly pulled on and off means the top will last more than just one season. The neoprene also captures your kid’s body heat so they stay warm. The long sleeves also give great sun protection and protection from ocean stingers.

Two time Australian Surf Champion Jason Livingstone wearing an adult version of a similar top says ‘Seriously amazing piece of gear. Kept me totally warm and so flexible. Hardly knew I was wearing it’. Flatlock stitching seals the seams so the chance of rashing is greatly reduced and your kids get maximum comfort. The neck has a soft finish so there’s additional comfort. The Adrenalin Hot Top Jr Wetsuit packs all these great features and gives great surfing in a great value package. It’s great for your kids to wear in summer with boardshorts. It’s also handy to have in winter and can be worn under their steamer for extra warmth. To find out more on how Adrenalin Wetsuits can power your kid’s surfing check here: Adrenalin Wetsuits

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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