FK Core Legrope


The FK Core Legrope gives you highest quality materials & new design for great performance surfing. The cuff is non slip so preventing the cord getting under your feet. The rail saver is streamlined aiding paddle and surfing speed

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FK Core Legrope

The FK Core Legrope gives you high performance surfing with new advanced design and highest quality materials. Highest quality Taiwanese urethane is used for the cord. It’s much better than that found in other leashes. This is important as the urethane gives you both your leash strength and board-return characteristics.

It will retain its length and not overstretch, so returning your board to you perfectly out of the impact zone. It will also retain its controlled spring not returning your board too quickly so preventing an accident. The cord diameter across the Core range is 7mm. So will match your range of surf conditions from small through to odd bigger days.

Comfy Cuff

The FK Core Legrope has great foam padding around your ankle that extends beyond the edges of the cuff. This gives super comfort so that when waves are tugging on your ankle the cuff won’t dig in. This padding keeps your leash snug, stopping it from spinning preventing it getting caught under your feet creating a wipeout.

The railsaver is newly designed too. So it’s sleek and low drag not interfering with or getting stuck around your fins. Dual marine grade swivels keep the cord spinning freely preventing a snag. This is important as interference of your cord around your feet or fins can lead to a wipeout.

This FK Surf Leash also has a new raised pull tab that you can grab to get your leash off instantly. This is great if you need to ditch your board in a dangerous situation and it makes it super easy everyday getting your leash off. The FK Leg Rope is a great surf accessory.

  • Great quality urethane
  • Controlled return reduces danger in the impact zone and from a board hit
  • Cuff redesign includes extra padding
  • Rail saver reduces drag

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm


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