Ocean & Earth Lightweight Comp 6’0 One-XT Leash


The Ocean & Earth Light Weight Comp 6’0 One-XT Leash gives you high performance & high tech features. You surf faster and freer while having the security of super strong cord with new no-tangle swivels

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Ocean & Earth Lightweight Comp 6’0 One-XT Leash

The Ocean & Earth Lightweight Comp 6’0 One-XT Leash gives you high tech performance in surf leashes. It features new technology that makes it lighter and thinner while being stronger and more responsive. You’re carrying less weight so more of your energy goes into your big moves. You feel freer. The smaller thinner profile giving less drag.

From your cuff to your rail saver there’s less material in the water slowing you down. You get the patented One Piece cord technology. This means the cord to the connector at your cuff is all one piece of urethane. There’s no join creating a weak point. So even in the super low profile format you get great reliability in one of the strongest surfboard leash Australia has to offer.

Comp Performance

The Ocean & Earth Light Weight Comp 6’0 One-XT Leash features are designed around Comp surfing. So your performance gets unleashed whether it’s in small or bigger waves. The cord is only 1.5m or 5’so it’s short and compact. Ideal for fast quick wave catching. Ocean & Earth’s quality urethane keeps the spring-back controlled so it doesn’t return your board back too fast like other surf leashes.

The cord diameter is 6mm so it’s not ultra thin that will turn into spaghetti when there’s a little power in your waves. The new designed marine grade dual stainless steel swivels are 6mm too preventing your cord from tangling.

Vertical sections on the cuff give good fit. They’re also waterproof so don’t take on any extra weight. An inner silicone pattern prevents the cuff spinning on your ankle so preventing trip ups.

The Plug Buddy means its super easy to thread your leash string through the smallest plug. This is one of the strongest surf leash you can get and best surfboard leash design in Australia. Check our full range of Surfboard Leg Ropes at Manly Surfboards>Leg Ropes

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm


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