Ocean & Earth Regular 5′ Moulded Leash


The Ocean & Earth Regular 5′ Moulded Leg Rope is a high performance competition leash with 6mm thick cord. Double swivels keep you tangle free and the double padded cuff is super comfy

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Ocean & Earth Regular 5′ Moulded Leash

The Ocean & Earth Regular 5′ Moulded Leash is a high performance leash for your comp level surfing. It’s packed with features so you get safety while maximising your surfing performance. The cord urethane is a new improved formula. So it’s designed to stretch with as much wave power is applied without springing back. This is vital as you don’t want your board slinging back and hitting you. However the cord still has a great return response so your board won’t remain stuck in the impact zone. Free spinning swivels are included at either end of the cord. So your leash doesn’t get tangled preventing it catching under your feet creating a fall, or getting caught around your fins slowing you down.

The Ocean & Earth Regular 5′ Moulded Leg Rope is designed for performance. It’s 6mm cord thickness is thinner than most leashes so you get indiscernible drag as you paddling hard for waves. Even if the cord does get caught under your feet or fins it’s thinness reduces the chance of any problems, maximising performance. The 5′ length is short. There’s no extra cord to get tangled and it returns your board almost instantaneously. This means if you’re in a competition heat you spend more time surfing and less time waiting for your board to come back to you after a wipeout. The cuff is double padded so you get a great comfy fit. Check our full range of Leg Ropes at Manly Surfboards>Leg Ropes

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm


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