Balin Longboard SUP Ankle Leash


The Balin Longboard SUP Ankle Leash gives you a special 7.4mm cord diameter handling the weight of bigger boards and power of bigger waves without getting tangled.

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Balin Longboard SUP Ankle Leash

The Balin Longboard SUP Ankle Leash gives you a great way to keep your bigger board or SUP with you through wipeouts. Balin has created their own unique cord diameter of 7.4mm. So you get the perfect balance of cord strength to cope with your board size, while not being too thick. So it’s just the right thickness not cumbersome, getting in your way under your feet. Balin also use a special high quality urethane formula different than cheaper leashes. So your leash will extend so far then hold. It won’t overstretch into a piece of spaghetti when you’re caught in the impact zone. Similarly when your board returns the urethane gives a controlled response so your board comes back a little then stops around an arm’s length away. In typical wave situations your board won’t come shooting back at you.

Comfort & Features

A super comfortable ankle strap incorporates neoprene padding and strong velcro fastening. This fastening is also featured on the rail saver that includes a string. This is super handy so you can thread the leash onto your board without having to find a separate string. Finding a string can be a real hassle and a disaster if you’re out ready to surf and realise you don’t have one. In the high stress and wear areas where the cord joins the cuff Balin incorporate their Ultra Strength moulding that is proven to stand up to the heaviest conditions. Double stainless steel swivels are included and these keep your leash from tangling and getting caught under your feet. Balin give you great surf products and their materials and workmanship are guaranteed against faults. Check our full range of Surf Leashes at Manly Surfboards>Leg Ropes

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Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm


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