Maddog Surf Leash


The Maddog Surf Leash gives you great with deluxe density padded cuff that’s super comfy. Double stainless swivels are high quality and keep your leash spinning freely preventing catching under your fins or causing wipeouts

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Maddog Surf Leash

The Maddog Surf Leash is great value and keeps you and your board safe in the surf. It comes with a strong urethane cord that gives the right balance between stretch and recoil. The cord doesn’t spring your board back too fast so that it might hit you. It also doesn’t stretch too much so that you’re stuck waiting for your board after a wipeout. Stainless steel swivels at each end keep the leash spinning freely. This is important as it prevents your leash catching around your feet causing a wipeout. It also keeps your leash from getting stuck around your fins where it can slow your board or make it catch causing a wipeout.

Quick Release

The Maddog Surf Legrope cuff features super strong velcro. So the leash won’t come off in a wipeout. There’s also a quick release tab on the cuff so with a tug the leash will come off. This is an important feature as if you need to get your leash off quickly due to getting snagged with another surfer, on a rock, or big set is approaching, it’ll release with a pull on the tab. The cuff is double padded so you get good fit and comfort, noticeable when you get a big tug from a heavy wave.

A heavy duty rail saver is included with the Maddog Surf Legrope. So the tail of your board is protected from the power of the wave. A key pocket is also included so you can keep your car key safe or stash some cash. The Maddog Leash is a full featured, no frills and good value surf accessory. Check our full range of Leg Ropes at Manly Surfboards>Leg Ropes

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 10 cm


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