Orca Silicone Swim Cap


The Orca Silicone Swimming Cap has sophisticated no seams design for comfort and performance. Provides UV protection as well has hair management


Orca Silicone Swim Cap

The Orca Silicone Swim Cap is a sophisticated swim cap designed for your performance and comfort. It’s streamlined. There’s no seams. It’s moulded as one piece so there’s nothing to catch or create drag as you move through the water. This is important as your head is your leading edge while swimming and you want smooth fast flow. Being one piece it also creates a great fit. The silicone moulds perfect to your head and hair shape. There’s not some fiddly specific way it has to be worn where it will sit askew. The silicone material is soft and supple yet supportive and super comfortable. The Orca Silicone Swimming Cap provides a great fit for a wide range of head sizes.

The Orca Silicone Cap is very handy. It provides management of long hair stopping it getting in your way while swimming. It also provides protection from the elements. If it’s cold the cap will keep your head warm. If it’s too sunny it will protect your head from UV rays. This silicone naturally grips so it won’t keep trying to come off in the water. If you’re doing a lot of swimming wearing a cap might not seem like a big thing but it makes a big difference streamlining your motion through the water. It gives you a speed and performance edge. The Orca Silicone Swimming Cap is a great swimming accessory from Orca, a leader in ocean and still water swim accessories. Check our Dive and Swim Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Dive and Swim

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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