Orca Womens Swim Run Vanir Flex Wetsuit


The Orca Womens Vanir Flex Wetsuit optimises your performance with removable sleeves, zip & pockets. You get supple warm neoprene for your upper body and super flex in your lower body for explosive leg action


Orca Womens Swim Run Vanir Flex Wetsuit

The Orca Womens Swim Run Vanir Flex Wetsuit gives you advanced performance. Across your swimming and running it’s specially designed to give you a great balance between insulation and flex. The upper is neoprene so your arms and shoulders get the warmth to stay super flexible. Staying warm these muscles will take you farther faster with each stroke.

The lower body is a special Duraskin fabric not normally found in wetsuits. It’s durable, slow to wear, while being lightweight and super flexible. So your bike work won’t damage the wetsuit. Also your explosive leg movements and lower body strength are unhindered.

Removable Sleeves

There’s a short front zip. This is super is easy to access while on the move. So you can regulate your temperature. Lower it to get cooler. Pull the zip up to be warmer.  You can also configure the sleeves to be on or off. So when it’s hot or you want maximum freedom the sleeves can be off.

There’s pockets in the lower body so you can store the sleeves. The pockets also can enhance your buoyancy giving you the highest performance posture for your swim. A great feature in a swimming wetsuit. The pockets will fit the Swimrun Pads for buoyancy, a great additional accessory. These give you an even better ‘flat’ swimming posture so you can power through the water.

The Orca Womens Swim Run Vanir Flex pockets are also great to store sun cream, lip balm, credit card, anything else you need. Orca gear will enhance your performance overcoming the elements so you can swim and run longer and faster. Check our full range of Womens Swimming Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Swimming Wetsuits

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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