Orca Snorkel


The Orca Snorkel maximises your swimming performance and technique with advanced unique swim design. No maks is needed with a specially designed head strap. The snorkel can be used at the side or front of your head. The tube is minimalist to reduce drag and prevent water entry

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Orca Snorkel

The Orca Snorkel gives you great swimming enhancing your technique, posture and stamina. Orca is a leader in ocean and still water swimming gear. The is similar to a snorkeling snorkel. So there’s the  upright tube, mouth piece and strap. Where it’s different is all these components are enhanced for your swimming. So, they don’t interfere with your stroke, allow better body posture and power release, and include snorkel features like the purge valve. The tube is lean, minimalist, so creates less drag in the water. It’s shaped so as to curve around your head minimising discomfort and maximising fit. The snorkel top is angled over so less likely to let water enter from a splash.

No Mask Or Goggles Needed

The strap of the Orca Snorkel is also enhanced. It stretches entirely around your head and has a quick adjust buckle for perfect fit. In this way you don’t need a mask to attach it to so you can use the snorkel without mask or goggles. You can wear the snorkel to the side or on the front of your head where it reduces drag. The snorkel mouthpiece is smaller. It’s easy to fit and hold in your mouth and super soft so more comfy. At the tube bottom is a purge valve. If water enters, with a blast of breath it’s expelled.

The way the Orca Snorkel assists your swimming is that it allows you to focus on your technique. So your head position, shoulder movement, arm reach can be maximised. This is a great accessory to take your swimming to the next level. Check our full range of Swim Gear at Manly Surfboards>Swim

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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