Future Fins F8 Thermo Tri Set


Future Fins F8 Thermo Thruster Set. The big template gives power charging in everyday conditions. Flexi tip carves with you in big turns. Also great for the smaller surfing wanting power in smaller waves

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Future Fins F8 Thermo Tri Set

The Future Fins F8 Thermo Tri Set will give high power charging to your surfing. It’s the biggest fin in the Thermo range. Big fins give you heaps of drive in small and large waves. So no matter what size surfer you are you should have an F8 in your fin quiver. The Thermo construction is super light and gives you great characteristics with a balanced feel. It’s not too stiff so it doesn’t catch. It flexes and flows with the wave. It’s not too soft that it washes out. The solid wide base channels wave energy so you get speed. The tip has flex. So as you go into your change of direction you’ll carve into the wave with power.

Thermotech has a consistent feel so as you transition in and out of turns you’ll get smooth flow and release. This is unlike fins that flex or boost unexpectedly. Designed as the everyday fin for the larger, heavier surfer, the fin template can also be used by the smaller surfer wanting to maximise power in smaller waves. The extra area of the fin harnessing the most of any wave power on hand. The Future Fins F8 Thermo Thruster Set features the Futures Truss Base that reduces fin material while maintaining strength. Designed to break under impact the truss reduces the risk of injury or board damage. All-white, the fins have a great trad look. Specs are as follows: Side Fins- Height: 4.55″ Base: 4.64″ Area: 15.98″ Foil: Flat. Center Fin- Height: 4.55″ Base: 4.64″ Area: 15.98″ Foil: Symmetrical. To find out more on how Futures can power your surfing check here: Future fins – Surf Better

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