FCS Ratchet Tool


FCS Ratchet Tool. Purpose built to easily, speedily screw in fins. Versatile. Comes with a range of screw bits. Check our Accessories and Surfboards NOW!

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FCS Fin Screw Ratchet Tool

The FCS Fin Screw Ratchet Tool is perfect to rapidly get fins in and out of your surfboard. Its key feature is the ratchet. This makes the movement of your hand doubly effective. The tool turns the screw and quickly spins back so you can turn again without changing your grip. This helps get your fins in and out of your board twice as fast. It has a removable socket setup.  This is handy for a longboard that uses side fins that need a star head and a trad center fin that needs a flat head.

The tool is a good size so fits well in your grip. It is much better than the small fiddly fin keys. Being hollow the tool has an inner storage compartment. So the various accessories are immediately at hand. The FCS Fin Screw Ratchet Tool can be used for your surfboard as well as general handy work. Specs are as follows: 4 FCS Hex Bits so you have compatibility with standard FCS and other grub screws; 3 Head Rotation Options so you can tighten, loosen, or go neutral; 1 Flat Head Bit No. 7 ; 1 Phillips Head No. 1 ; Ezi-Out Tool designed to allow unscrewing of the most stubborn screws. To find out more on how FCS can power your surfing check here: FCS Surf Advantage

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