FCS Longboard Spare Parts Kit


The FCS Longboard Spare Parts Set includes items to stop rear fin wobble and screws that use the FCS key. Check our range of Surf Accessories NOW!

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FCS Longboard Spare Parts Kit

The FCS Longboard Spare Parts Kit gives you a valuable items to have on hand for your longboard. Remember the FCS longboard fins will work in most longboard rear fin boxes so this kit will be helpful across most if not all of your longboards with a rear fin box. What’s included is listed below. The way you use the items is as follows. The plastic shims are thin pieces of plastic. They’re designed to fit in your fin box to help stabilise loose fins. It’s common that you might have a fin that’s a little loose in the box. This may be because of slight manufacturing imperfections in the box or fin. These shims placed along the side of your fin act like spacers, filling in the space, making your fin fit tight. So it won’t wobble or move around.

FCS Hex Head Longboard Screws

The stainless steel plates and screws are used to secure your fin in the fin box. The plate slides into the box and moves freely. You insert your fin on top of the plate, aligning the plate to the screw hole in your fin. Once aligned you screw in the screw and this secures your fin in place. Most longboard screws have a flat head so you need a flat head screwdriver to install and adjust your fin. This is not a good thing to try to have out in the surf with you in your boardshort pocket. So these Longboard Kit screws have an FCS hex head and use the FCS fin key. So you’ve got a standard key included and you can use it across your entire FCS range.

Check how FCS can power your surfing: FCS Surf Advantage The kit includes the following: 2x Plastic shims 1x Short screw 1x Long screw 2x Stainless plate 1x Instruction sheet 1x FCS key

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