FCS Longboard Box Adapter


The FCS Longboard Box Adapter adds FCS two-plug fin options really adding fun to your surfing. By adding a shortboard high performance you can get extra speed, looseness and super fun mixing up your surfing.

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FCS Longboard Box Adapter

The FCS Longboard Box Adapter is a great way to add fun, variety and mix up your surfing. This Adapter is designed to fit in your traditional longboard adjustable rear fin box. So on its bottom it has the fitting of a longboard fin with a screw and tab to affix into your longboard fin box. The screw and tab are quality stainless steel so will be durable and long wearing. Like a longboard fin the Adapter can be adjusted and moved up and down in your fin box. The top of the Adapter has fittings for FCS traditional two-plug fins. So you can place a two plug fin such as that used in a shortboard into your longboard rear fin box. This will change the entire characteristics of your board.

Making this type of change with the FCS Longboard Box Adapter can add speed to your. Smaller shortboard fins tend to have less drag than bigger longboard fins. They also are optimsed for high speed performance so you can get a real speed rush. As you can move the Adapter up and down your fin box you can move the fin forward so you get super loose surfing, or move it to the rear for more carving pivot surfing. Depending on the fin you use you can get some great fun surfing. If you use it in a 2 + 1 fin setup you could swap in larger side fins for a Thruster feel with a lot of drive with looseness in your tail. Check our full range of Surfboard Fins at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Fins


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