FCS II Retro Keel PG Fin Set


The FCS II Retro Keel PG Set gives you a heap of old school drive great for your Fish & Mid Length. Will only fit the FCS II fin system

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FCS II Retro Keel PG Fin Set

The FCS II Retro Keel PG Fin Set gives you great drive. The two-fin set is designed for your Fish, Mid Length or Longboard. They’re a bigger fin with a lot more area than your typical Thruster side fin. So you’ll feel a lot of extra drive and push in your turns.

While they’re larger than a Thruster fin, they’re on the smaller side of keel fins. This is an advantage as if your fins are too big they’ll tend to force you to track on the wave. You’ll find you’re only going straight unable to turn. These fins will give you the drive while still giving release for flowing direction changes.

You’ll find your Fish and Mid Length will go great with these fins. Those style boards are designed to have a lot of area on the rail of your board from which you can really leverage into your turns. When you take a straight line the larger fins direct the wave energy out the rear, without a center fin to create obstruction.

PG means these fins are crafted from solid fibreglass giving you the old school feel and flex. These fins have the latest FCS II base so will only work in that system. FCS II is fast and effective allowing you to pop your fins in and out without necessarily using a fin key. Check our full range of Surfboard Fins at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Fins


  • Base (inches): 7.28
  • Base (mm): 184.8
  • Depth (inches): 4.73
  • Depth (mm): 120.0
  • Area (inches): 22.58
  • Area (mm): 14565
  • Sweep Deg°: 38.3°
  • Foil: 80/20


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