Softboard Bones & Shanks Replacement Finset


The Softboard Bones & Shanks Replacement Finset gives you a set of soft fins ideal for your Softboard. These are single tab fins. They are not Future Fins or FCS compatible

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Softboard Bones & Shanks Replacement Finset

The Softboard Bones & Shanks Replacement Finset is a replacement set of fins for a specific fin system used in Softboards and fun boards. The Bones & Shanks fin system is different than that used in most Softboards. It uses a fin box compared to screws that screw through the deck. Having this fin box system gives you a lot of benefits. First the boxes are inset in your board so they give a sturdy fitting aiding performance. As you push on your fins your energy is positively directed into forward drive, great for your surfing. The system also allows you swap out a variety of fins. These can be soft fins, similar to those originally on your Softboard. Or they can be high performance fins as found on fibreglass surfboards.

Screw System

This set of fins will only work in the Bones & Shanks fin box and they are soft plastic. A way to determine if the Softboard Bones & Shanks Replacement Finset will fit your board is to check the bottom of your board. If it has a set of raised black boxes that sit up around 5mm from the bottom of your board then there’s a strong likelihood these fins will fit. While the system can fit a variety of fins, these fins are in the original  Bones & Shank format with a solid single tab on the bottom. These fins should not be confused with the Future Fins that also has a single tab on its fins though of a different size.

These fins are secured into your fin boxes with side screws. Note this set is just the fins, not the screws or fin boxes. If you’ve any doubt over the suitability or fitting of these fins please come in-store. We’ll help so you’ll have no problems. Check our full range of Surfboard Fins at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Fins

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 20 cm


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