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FCS Moulded Steel Fin Key

The FCS Moulded Steel Fin Key is a super handy device to have on hand. If you’re in the FCS world you know that many of their products use the hex head screw that this key is designed to work with. However the use of screws with his head have permeated into the products of many brands. For example Futures use these same screws requiring the same style key for their fins. Many leashes have the different components joined using these screws for this this key is perfect. For your fins having a few sets of these keys is essential. A few for your car. Some for your boardbag. Some for home, and who knows where else.

If you’re out to go surfing and you don’t have the FCS Fin Key to secure or swap out your fins you know it’s a real problem. If you have one you can also help out your mates when they’re in need. The key is also handy for managing your leashes. You can unscrew a broken component and replace it with a new one. Your key makes it possible to undo the screw, something impossible to do with the old style leashes that are sewn together. FCS longboard fins use this key for their adjustment. Having the key in your boardshorts is a much better idea than taking a flat head screwdriver out into the surf. Check our range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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