Futures F8 Alpha Carbon Tri Fin Set


Future Fins F8 Alpha Carbon Tri Set. Thruster set for the bigger surfer giving explosive performance with ultra light weight. Smaller surfers will benefit from extra drive

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Futures F8 Alpha Carbon Tri Fin Set

The Futures F8 Alpha Carbon Tri Fin Set is a high tech fin for you as a larger surfer. F8 refers to the shape and size of the fin. Alpha Carbon refers to the high performance construction. The fin has a large base so you get great positive drive and power transfer. As you push on the fin the more you’ll drive forward. At the tip it’s full so you get more drive through turns. Off the bottom and top you get drive, hold and carve. The fin holds well in the wave face so you can direct water flow. Great in small waves you harness more of the limited wave power to get extra speed.

This fin is good for larger surfers want speed generation in smaller and everyday size waves. They’re also good for smaller surfers wanting to generate power in small waves with the extra fin area. The Alpha material used in the Futures F8 Alpha Carbon Tri Fin Set consists of carbon and air uniquely infused together. It’s not carbon strips like older style application that resulted in inconsistent flex.

The Alpha Carbon carbon particles can be varied in density from the base to the tip. So the base is stiffer with more carbon giving super drive. The tip is flexi so you get more release. It’s all controlled by the carbon density  in a power gradient.  So you get smoothly controlled performance under your foot. All this without sacrificing strength. In addition the Alpha has a new 3D texture featured on the trailing edge. This reduces turbulence and drag so you get more speed. The fin is noticeably fast and super light. Lighter than honeycomb. The fins feature the Futures Truss Base. Designed to break under impact the truss reduces the risk of injury or board damage. To find out more on how Futures can power your surfing check here: Future fins – Surf Better


Specs are as follows: Side Fins- Height: 4.55″ Base: 4.64″ Area: 15.98″ Side Fin Foil: Flat Rear Fin Foil: Symmetrical

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