Surf Claw Surfboard Carry Handle


The Surf Claw Surfboard Carry Handle gives you a lightweight super easy way to carry your SUP & big boards. It saves you fatigue and difficulty trying to get your hand around big boards. It’s super light and floats

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Surf Claw Surfboard Carry Handle

The Surf Claw Surfboard Carry Handle gives you great way to carry big boards. From your normal board to super size SUP, it makes for a super easy carry getting to and from the beach. It gives you an enhanced hand hold for any board that’s hard to fit under your arm. So great if it doesn’t have a good handle, or is just plain uncomfortable to carry. Instead of trying to reach around the oversize board and get your fingers to grip on a slippery rail, quickly becoming fatigued, you simply attach the Surf Claw and get a great easy handle to hold. The Claw is designed with a lower curved section into which your board fits. It has extra padding so keeps your board safe from scratches. The top of the Claw extends up and out away from your board. So it’s super easy to grab and hold, without fatigue. This is a great board buddy surfboard carrier.

Balanced Design

The Surf Claw Surfboard Carry Handle is constructed in such a way so that when you fit your board around its middle point it will be equally balanced enhancing your carry. It’s tested to hold up to 50kgs, more than even the heaviest boards. At the same time the Claw Surfboard Carrier doesn’t add any weight. It’s super light and will float if you happen to drop it in the water. A great idea is to attach the Surf Claw to your leash rail saver as a board buddy surfboard carrier. So no matter where you enter and exit the water you’ll have it handy to get your board home. This is a great surf accessory made of material that can be easily recycled. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at: Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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