Lazer Tip Surfboard Nose Protector


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The Lazer Tip Board Nose Protector gives you extra safety with 2 nose cones, for your narrow and wide nose boards, with glue and applicator. It keeps you, your mates and other surfers, and your car upholstery safe.

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Lazer Tip Surfboard Nose Protector

The Lazer Tip Surfboard Nose Protector is great for your personal safety and that of your board. The way it protects you is by affixing a soft nose cone on the pointy part of your surfboard, the nose. In the event your nose hits you your chance of injury will be greatly reduced. The soft nose covering also protects your surfboard if you bang it during transportation or use. So you get a double benefit. The kit includes two nose protectors to cover your thinner and wider nose boards. There’s sand paper to prepare your surfboard nose. This is important to use otherwise the protector will not remain affixed. There’s an applicator so you don’t get adhesive on your fingers, and the super strong adhesive is also included.

Looking around not many surfers may seem to use the Lazer Tip Surfboard Nose Protector. However it is especially useful in the early stages of your surfing when coming off your board the wrong way and ending up on the pointy end is more likely. Also you get a lot of all round safety when you’re learning spatial awareness with your surfboard length. So when you’re walking with your buddies, in the case of a front end bump the sharp nose won’t cause any harm. Similarly when putting your board into your car the nose won’t catch damaging the upholstery or anything you have in there. It’s a great accessory to utilise. The small nose guard has a width of 40mm and length of 40mm. The large nose guard has a width of 60mm and length of 60mm. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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