Creatures Surfboard Nose Protector


Creatures Surfboard Nose Protector. Complete nose coverage protects you and your board. Everything included. Check our Surf Accessories Online NOW!

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Creatures Surfboard Nose Protector

The Creatures Surfboard Nose Protector is a key surf safety accessory. It’s designed to attach to the tip of angled nosed surfboards and so protect you from major injury. The attachment is of a firm rubbery material that will soften any impact coming from your otherwise hard pointy surfboard nose. The nose protector covers the top, bottom and sides of the nose like a protective sleeve so the your board also gets coverage and protection. The adhesive used is world class super sticky 3M. The pack comes with complete instructions and the protector is available only in white.

Creatures Of Leisure are renowned for their premium design and quality so you get a great product. Their range covers all surf accessories from legropes to board grip to carry bags. No matter what type of surfing you do Creatures has a great accessory to help you enjoy yourself even more. Their Team includes surfers like legend and multi-World Champion Mick Fanning as well as a host of the most progressive up and comers. Their elite Team of surfers provides input and feedback so you get super functional and performance products. We always have a comprehensive range of Creatures products on hand. To find out more on how Creatures can power your surfing check here: Meet The Creatures.

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