Ocean & Earth Key Vault Lock


The Ocean & Earth Key Vault gives you great protection with a waterproof and extra heavy duty case. It also includes an aluminium bag giving RFID protection to stop your key being activated. It’s large enough to hold your latest electronic keys & stash

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Ocean & Earth Key Vault Lock

The Ocean & Earth Key Vault Lock gives you great protection for your vehicle and valuables when you’re surfing. It keeps your keys safe when you don’t or can’t take them with you. You place your key, credit card or other valuable in the vault. Then use the Vault’s combination to secure it to  your vehicle or other safe immovable object. You go for your surf and when you return unlock the combination and retrieve your stash. The Vault case is heavy duty toughened steel so can easily defeat a brute force attack. The space inside the case is also extra large. The internal size is 69mm wide x 74mm high x 22mm deep. This is important as new keys, especially electronic keys, tend to be bulky and these will fit easily. It also means you can store several items in there. The Ocean and Earth key vault also includes easy to use instructions.

RF Protection

The Ocean & Earth Key Vault comes with an aluminium foil bag that acts as a radio frequency blocker. Into this bag you place your key preventing it being triggered via an electronic hack or spoofing signal. The Vault also has a waterproof cover giving protection in the rain. This increases longevity keeping it free of harsh elements. The combination lock gives you up to 10,000 options so you can set your own easily remembered numbers. The number dial is easy to turn and corrosion resistant so durable and long lasting. Ocean & Earth has a reputation for proven hard core surf gear and this is another great example. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm


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