FK Key Safe Deluxe


The FK Key Safe Deluxe gives you great security with new super strong shackle & box & RFID protection. The new shakle design makes it easier and faster to attach anywhere you want so you can get surfing sooner

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FK Key Safe Deluxe

The FK Key Safe Deluxe gives you great highest quality security for your keys while surfing. The new 10mm shackle, that hooks around the top of the safe, is extra heavy duty while also being finer. So it’s harder to defeat and fits super easily wherever you want to attach it. The space inside the safe has been increased, now the biggest available. So it easily fits new keys, especially electronic keys, that tend to be bulky. This extra area of 89mm x 62mm x 29mm is big enough to store several keys including your mates. The FK Key Safe includes all the instructions you need for setup and use.

As an added bonus the FK Key Safe Deluxe includes protection again electronic interference. A special pouch deflects hacker RFID signals that can trigger your key and unlock your vehicle. This pouch blocks those signals. The storage case is hardened metal so resistant to brute force attacks. The lock component is a combination lock. It gives you up to 10,000 combination options so you can set your own easily remembered numbers. The numbers are easy to turn and corrosion resistant. This is important as your fingers are often wet, cold and numb from surfing. This is a great surf lock and safely secures your keys and car at the surf. Check our full range of Surf Secure Gear at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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