FK Surf Car Lock


The FK Surf Steering Lock gives you a combination & high quality anti-saw & anti drill materials to secure your car. Fitting across your steering wheel for any make of vehicle it prevents your car being driven away.

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FK Surf Car Lock

The FK Surf Car Lock keeps your car secure. It stops you car being driven and so helps prevent the loss of your vehicle and whatever you’ve got in it. The way it works is that it fits across your vehicle steering wheel so that the wheel can’t be turned. In this way your car can’t be driven. The lock has an adjustable length rod that fits your steering wheel regardless of your car make and model. The fit is so versatile it’s guaranteed. Once fitted, a heavy duty combination lock allows you to enter your own 5 digit combination and secure your vehicle. The combination means you don’t have to worry about a key, about it being lost, dropped and found and your car stolen.

The added bonus is that the FK Surf Steering Lock is not electronic so it can’t be hacked. It is also highly resistant to brute force due to the strength and quality of the construction material. The materials are cut-proof and drill resistant. Also the way the lock is situated across the steering wheel prevents access for brute-force leverage or sawing. The FK Surf Steering Lock is a great way to keep your  vehicle safe and send a highly visible, easily identified message that you’ve got anti-theft protection. Check our full range of Surf Security gear at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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