Seacured Ultimate Key Storage Security Lock


The Seacured Ultimate Key Security Lock is new and redesigned makin for fast easy use. Metal construction. makes it tough and included SigStopper blocks hacking of your key

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Seacured Ultimate Key Storage Security Lock

The Seacured Ultimate Key Storage Security Lock gives you the latest generation of advanced key safety while you’re out surfing. Along with all the proven features of being able to lock your key safely away, you get new features. The keypad is redesigned with easy to see with black numbers on a silver background.  So in low light for your early morning or late surf you can see what’s going on. There’s also Open and Clear buttons clearly defined. So setup, configuration and reconfiguration are a breeze. Especially created with your remote car key fob in mind the lock comes with a SigStopper bag. Placing your key fob in this bag stops a phony signal that can unlock your car. With enhanced zinc, alloy and steel construction the lock is durable, strong and super sturdy. There’s also a cover so you get protection from water, dirt and grime.

The Seacured Ultimate Key Security Lock internal space is generous with dimensions 90mm length, 60mm width and 28mm depth. It can fit multiple keys and the large electronic fob keys and your mate’s keys if needed. The combination is easy to reset too. With the Seacured Ultimate Lock you can surf knowing your car and gear are well secured with the latest security features. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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