Ocean & Earth Floating Phone Case


The Ocean & Earth Floating Phone Case gives you full waterproof & sand protection. It fits your phone & car keys. Being clear you can still check messages, alerts and apps

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Ocean & Earth Floating Phone Case

The Ocean & Earth Floating Phone Case gives you safety and protection for your phone and other valuables. Anything placed inside the case will stay dry and free from sand and grit. The case is versatile as it’s clear. With your phone inside you can still view messages, calls, apps and alerts. The case will fit a larger size phone but not a mini tablet. A zip sealing system on the top makes it super easy to open and close. Once inside your gear is kept safe and dry. A flotation pocket is part of the case. So in the event of a mishap, a rogue wave, tide rise, boat problem, or rain, you’ll be able to retrieve your gear as the case will float.

The Ocean & Earth Floating Case is great for your active lifestyle whether you’re surfing, SUPing, boating or kayaking. It’s a perfect size. Not too big so as to be bulky. Not too small so as to be fiddly and create problems getting your gear in and out. When not in use it’s almost flat so doesn’t take up space. Construction is of a tough PVC with welded seams. So the case is durable. This is a great accessory to have. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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