FK Strike Mission Back Pack


The FK Strike Mission Back Pack is super styling with an IPX6 waterproof rating & big 30L capacity. You can stash wetgear to keep the wetness inside. Or stash your dry gear to keep it dry

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FK Strike Mission Back Pack

The FK Strike Mission Back Pack is a great waterproof back pack. It’s capacity is 30L which is generous, at least 5L more than a standard back pack. This means you can stash a lot of gear in there. Your wetsuit, booties, spare leash, wax, even clothing and other essentials. Being waterproof anything you put in the pack will stay dry, or any wet gear in there won’t leak out. This is great for getting your wet wetsuit and gear around. Alternatively the pack gives you great protection against rain, a rogue wave, rising tide or boat mishap. There’s a main central compartment and a front zip pocket that is also waterproof. So this smaller compartment is ideal for your phone, car keys, any items you need readily at hand.

The FK Strike Mission Back Pack main compartment is super easy to seal. You simply fold over the top and then clip the folds together. No water can enter and none can escape. For your ease of getting around there’s also back pack straps and a carry handle. All of which are padded so super comfy. The pack has an IPX6 rating which means it will withstand high pressure water. However the bag can’t be submerged. When not in use it folds flat to minimal size so easy to keep on hand. The all-black finish with grey logo is super styling. This is a great pack for your hard core surfing expeditions or just to get your gear to and from the beach, or even the office. Check our full range of Wetsuit Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuit Accessories

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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