Ocean & Earth Kuta Mesh Surf Cap


Ocean & Earth Kuta Mesh Surf Cap. Brim protects from sun. Soft fit comfort. Side mesh performance. Check our range of Surf gear and Accessories Online NOW!

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Ocean & Earth Kuta Mesh Surf Cap

The Ocean & Earth Kuta Mesh Surf Cap is a technical design that protects while surfing in harsh sun conditions. In the style of a trucker cap, the front brim  is stiff and long, protruding well out from the cap. This provides you with ample protection from the sun and from glare, keeping your eyes in shadow. The brim can be flipped up while paddling so it will stay out of your way. The inside of the cap incorporates a padded neoprene headband that aids fit and provides soft comfort. The neoprene doesn’t rub into your skin when wet. The side mesh vents provide ear protection from the sun. They also allow you to hear what’s going on and aid balance. They reduce the chance of your ears filling up with water that is both discomforting and debilitating. The entire cap back is mesh so water escapes immediately. So that it doesn’t come off there’s adjustable neoprene straps with buckles with quick release. Drain holes allow for self draining after a wipeout.

The Ocean & Earth Kuta Mesh Surf Cap also has a velcro closure at the rear. This further enhances fit and can be used to attach to your wetsuit for added security. Another great surf accessory from Ocean & Earth.

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Weight.25 kg
Dimensions30 x 20 x 10 cm


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