Ocean & Earth SUP Carry Strap


The Ocean & Earth CarryStrap for your SUP gives you a super easy way to get around with your big heavy board. It simply slides over the board and over your shoulders letting you keep your hands free

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Ocean & Earth SUP Carry Strap

The Ocean & Earth SUP Carry Strap is the easy and smart way to carry your SUP. The shoulder strap is a great idea, distributing the weight of your SUP over your shoulder. You simply slide the strap around your board and over your shoulder. The strap webbing is adjustable so facilitating a perfect fit. The generous padding on the strap makes the carrying soft on your shoulder. Padding is also on the straps that hold your SUP. So your board gets protection from any abrasion too. A key benefit is that the straps allow you to keep your hands free. Both hands are free to carry other bags and boards, your paddle. If you’re travelling you can keep you travel documents handy with your board snug on your shoulder.

A great accessory, coming in the style of a bum-bag, it’s easy to stash in your vehicle or in your back pack. It’s there when you need it. The bum-bag also gives you ability to put in some other items like suncream, water when the straps are in use. The bum-bag fits easily around your waist. When not in use, the straps fit in the bum-bag making it handy to pack away. The straps can used for other bigger boards and objects too. For example your big Longboard or Mal, or even a big Softboard. For you kids you can adjust the straps and help them carry their oversize surfboard too. From Ocean & Earth, the SUP Carry Strap is a great idea well implemented. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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