Orca Womens Wetsuit Base Layer


The Orca Womens Wetsuit Base Layer gives you 1.3mm neoprene great under wetsuit & for swimming. A nylon lining makes getting the top on easy giving you a plush comfy fit. Super flexible top aiding your performance


Orca Womens Wetsuit Base Layer

The Orca Womens Wetsuit Base Layer gives you great snug fitting warmth. It’s not a rash vest. It’s a specially designed neoprene top. It’s versatile so can be worn under your wetsuit as a base layer or as a top. So when you’re spending time in the water you get great warmth without the constriction and weight of the alternative of a thicker suit.

Construction is of a super fine 1.3mm Yamamoto neoprene. So even though thin, it’s still neoprene. It’s not a rash top that let’s water freely through. The inner side features smooth nylon. This slides on freely, important so you’re not placing too much stress on the thin neoprene. It’s also comfy against your skin when you’re body’s in action. Though fine you still get great sun and wind protection.

Form Fitting

This Base Layer is form fitting. So it will hug your body. This will reduce any chance of chaffing under your wetsuit and great fit equates to extra warmth. There’s also no extra material flopping around as you often get with rash vests.

The waist of the Base Layer is extra long. So you’ll get warmth and protection to your lower back and other vital areas. An area often not kept warm in wetsuits. The lower hem dips down at the sides and back. This stops the top from riding up under your wetsuit, boardshorts or swimmers.

As a great design feature the underarm panel increases flexibility. So with each stroke you go further faster. A raglan off the shoulder panel also aids overall arm performance. This is a great versatile accessory, good for use under your surfing or wetsuit or when swimming. Check our full range of Swimming Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Swimming Wetsuits

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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