Cressi Swim Goggles Silicon Strap


The Cressi Swim Goggles Silicone Strap gives you the ability to keep using your mask with new great fit strap. Made from highest quality silicone it will protect and extend your investment and use of your mask


Cressi Swim Goggles Silicon Strap

The Cressi Swim Goggles Silicon Strap gives you a great way to protect your investment in your swimming. One of the most common things to happen in goggles is for the strap to break. Swimming goggle straps are made purposefully fine and a lightweight to aid your performance and fit so breakage can be from  several reasons.

Deterioration from UV and saltwater and chlorine pool water exposure can happen. For example if you don’t use your goggles and leave them without a wash off for an extended period of time. Or it can be from misuse or misadventure with the strap getting caught and breaking. The Cressi silicone straps acts as a great replacement.

The Cressi Swim Goggles Silicon Strap is designed to fit on Cressi swim goggles. So it includes the side fit attachments. These fit attachments are highly functional. You get a high speed adjustment to get the strap to the right length. Then a micro adjustment to get fit perfect.

There’s also a swivel adjustment so that the strap sits flat for your head shape. The split strap also works to ensure comfort and fit by spreading the pull over a wider area. This is a great accessory to have on hand so you can keep on swimming. Check our full range of Dive and Swim Gear at Manly Surfboards>Dive Swim

  • Great quality silicon
  • Split design adds comfort
  • Superior fit adjustments

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 105 cm


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