FK Cheetah Tail Pad


FK Cheetah Tail Grip. 3 piece expandable, lightweight ultrathin with mid arch and high kick. With a generous center piece there’s a solid foundation for your power moves

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FK Cheetah Tail Pad

The FK Cheetah Tail Pad gives you great traction with extra arch support. The 3 piece design has two side pieces. This gives you versatility as you can keep these pieces close together or expand them separately placing them closer to the rails. So your narrow and wide tail boards get optimal coverage.

The center piece is relatively wide providing a good base for your foot. The raised mid-height arch is also wide and extra long. So if you like arch support there’s plenty of it. The arch has long grooves helping direct your foot moving forward and back. The arch flattens at the front so you get an open area giving your foot maximum sensitivity and feel for your board.

The grip is thin so you get a responsive tail pad. There’s a high kick so you can easily jam the edge of your foot up against it and carve. There’s an incut pattern at the tail so you can place this grip closer to the end of your board. You can place it right over your back fin so your back foot will give you maximum drive.

The edges of the grip are rolled. This stops your toes from getting caught on them, aids adhesion to your board, and gives you better water flow and release as the tail of your board is carving in the wave. High quality adhesive means the pad will stay put once applied. Check our full range of Surfboard Grip at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Grip

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm


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