TLS Revival Tail Pad


TLS Revival Grip. Giving great sensitivity this pad is flatter. It still has a 5.5mm arch and big 30mm kick for your foot to drive against. 3 pieces gives you flexibility for your wide and narrow tail boards.

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TLS Revival Tail Pad

The TLS Revival Tail Pad gives you high performance.  There’s a narrow arch and the pad is predominantly flat giving you great sensitivity. So your feet can really feel your board and your power is directly transmitted into your moves. For example when moving forward for the barrel you can fine tune your foot placement.

The centre arch height is average at 5.5mm. So you get support while it’s still easy to move your foot over. The kick is 30mm, this is higher than average, so your foot can really jam against it and drive big moves.

The TLS Revival Tail Pad has a 3 piece layout which is the most functional of all tail pad designs. Extended out, the two side pieces can cover out to your rails. So your narrow and wide tail boards get good coverage. An incut vee at the rear means you can place this grip closer to the end of your board.

Placed around your leg rope plug allows you to position your foot over your back fin so you can maximise your drive. The grip features a multi-level Mt Fuji pattern with squares. So you get maximum traction as your toes have two levels to grip into. The pad uses high quality 3M adhesive so will stay put once applied. Check our full range of Grips at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Grip

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Weight 0.49 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 5 cm


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