TLS Carbon Tail Pad


The TLS Carbon Tail Pad gives you special carbon inlays protecting your tail along with great traction. 3 piece design means you can cover your narrow and wide tail boards.

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TLS Carbon Tail Pad

The TLS Carbon Tail Pad gives you great surfing with  unique traction features. The pad material has carbon inserts on the side edges, becoming longer toward the rear of the arch bar. These carbon strips gives strength that you would not normally find in your grip. They’re designed to mimic the carbon inlay tail patches and so giving extra protection.

The pad has a 3 piece design. So narrow and wide tail boards get optimal coverage by narrowing or widening the pieces. It incorporates a centre arch of medium height at 5.5mm which is about mid size.

As you move your foot you can feel the arch helping with your heel and toe movement going into and out of turns. The mid size arch also flattens towards the kick so you get a nice sweet spot from which your foot naturally drives. The kick is 30mm. This is high so your foot won’t miss it as you step back for big power moves.

It’s got a flat area on top which helps when you’re landing those big airs. A square Mt Fuji pattern makes up the grip surface. This is a raised square with 4 smaller raised nubs on each corner. So your feet get a fine feel that gets more substantial as you pressure down.

There’s cross cuts out of the arch bar that reduce weight while giving your foot an edge to jam against. This is a great piece of traction with the added value of helping protect the tail of your board. Check our full range of Surfboard Grips at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Grips

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Weight 0.49 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 5 cm


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