FK Psycho Tail Pad


FK Psycho Tail Grip. Minimalist 2 pieces expandable. 26mm kick, no arch super flat. Check our Boards & Accessories NOW!

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FK Psycho Tail Pad

The FK Psycho Tail Pad is a classic 2 piece flat pad good for narrow tail boards. The two side pieces are a great minimalist design. Positioned close together they cover narrow tails boards perfectly. You can also extend them apart and so cater for slightly wider tail boards too. There is no arch so the pad is completely flat. This flat style is preferred by a lot of surfers including Kelly Slater. It provides total freedom with no raised arch so you can move your back foot around. The tail has a 26mm kick, so you can jam and drive hard from it.

A semi-circular incut means you can place this grip closer to the end of your board, around your leg rope plug. In this way the kick can be positioned above your back fin so you can place your back foot right over your fin for maximum drive. The grip features an elongated diamond pattern. So no matter what angle your foot lands on the pad you get traction from every direction. High quality adhesive from 3M adhesive keeps this pad in place once applied. Click here to find out more on how Fare King can power your surfing: FK Far King


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