Creatures Jack Freestone Lite Tail Pad


Creatures Jack Freestone Lite Tail Pad. Signature pad, extra wide with slots & Diamond Loc II pattern. Great for your wider tail board and big feet


Creatures Jack Freestone Lite Tail Pad

The Creatures Jack Freestone Lite Tail Pad is the signature grip of WSL surfer and 2 times World Junior Champ. It’s 15% lighter than previous and has a 3 piece layout which is the most functional of all tail pad designs. So the side pieces can be moved out closer to the rails allowing you to cover a range of tail shapes.

The centre piece has a 7mm raised arch with slots to keep weight light. The arch tapers down into the area before the kick starts. So your foot can naturally fit into this wedge aiding positive traction. The tail has an extra high 35mm kick that flattens out on top. If you’re going for airs the flat top of the kick can help you stick.

The way the arch and kick work together creates a place of super positive traction for your foot. Your foot naturally fits there. So you get a great spot from which to setup moves. An incut in the rear of the pad means you can place it closer to the end of your board. This in turn allows back foot placement over your back fin so you get maximum drive.

A Diamond Loc II pattern covers the grip with two tiers of diamonds. So you get maximum traction as your toes have two levels to grip into. The pad uses high quality 3M adhesive and lightweight EVA formula. To find out more on how Creatures can power your surfing check here Meet The Creatures

Additional information

Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm


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