Wing WTS Competitor Trisuit Wetsuit


Wing WTS Trisuit Wetsuit. 2mm no arms competition suit. Super supple smoothie reduces drag. Check our range of Womens wetsuits NOW!

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Wing WTS Competitor Trisuit Wetsuit

The Wing WTS Competitor Trisuit Wetsuit is a triathlon and swimming competition suit. It features no arms so you get ultimate freedom for your swimming. From the neck to your ankles you get 2mm super soft supple neoprene. So your lower body keeps warm, keeping your body’s running performance at its best. The neoprene outer has a smoothie finish. So it’s entirely water resistant. You don’t take on any extra water weight when swimming and when you’re out of the water you get wind chill protection. A GBS Glued Blind Seal is used on the main seams. This means that the seams are joined together and glued so that no water can enter. Over this, one side of the suit is stitched. So internally your seams are flush with the neoprene and almost unnoticeable, super comfortable. This additional smoothing finish of the seams and suit materials helps further to reduce drag enhancing your performance when swimmgin.

The super soft neoprene hugs your shape. This is important as you want as little water as possible sloshing in reducing your body warmth. With this good fit you get the benefit of retaining your body heat and muscle performance. The suit seals with a velcro adjustment so you can get the closure just right. In the water the suit provides an additional benefit. The neoprene provides a degree of extra buoyancy. This helps your swimming. Then as the buoyancy is in your lower body where the bulk of the suit is, it helps optimise your swimming posture. So you swim even faster. The Wing WTS Competitor Trisuit Wetsuit gives you an edge. The neoprene provides flotation. There’s also protection provided against stingers. This is a great watersport suit.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm


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