Ion Onyx Mens Wetsuit Steamer 3-4mm


ION Onyx Mens Wetsuit Steamer 3-4mm LS. ION quality, super flex extra warm neoprene with GBS sealed seams. Check out our range of Wetsuits Online NOW!

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ION Onyx Mens Wetsuit Steamer 3-4mm LS

The ION Onyx Mens Wetsuit Steamer 3-4mm LS long sleeve Semidry is a great extra-warm suit. The suit incorporates key features over standard wetsuits. ION’s quality 3-4mm neoprene is noticeably better so you get flexibility, comfort and durability. Even with the 3-4mm rubber, there’s a freedom of movement and stretch in the shoulders normally found only in thinner rubber suits. The Onyx Semidry also has a redesigned upper-back. Paddling is further enhanced with reduced seams and super flex neoprene. This greatly helps your paddling, getting out the back and getting into waves. Instead of having that bulky slow feeling, you get a more direct power feeling like when surfing with no wetsuit. It’s a great feeling to be warm and snug and still be surfing with power moves.

GBS, Glued Blind Stitching provides a seal on the seams reducing water entry. This greatly helps retain body heat, keeping you warm in colder water. Retaining this warmth is the key to your high performance surfing. Your whole body has extra flexibility and this equates to being able to power bigger turns and moves. Smooth-finished rubber on the collar, called Glide_Skin, minimises rashing. So you can surf for as long as you want without rash. Knee flexibility and protection provides greater agility over of a normal wetsuit. This is important as it helps you get to your feet faster, easier. The knee panel is moulded so you get extra-quick knee extension without bulk. Important in a 3-4mm suit. L-Tex, an abrasive resistant layer is lightweight and thin so you get knee protection without affecting performance. The ION Onyx Wetsuit Steamer 3-4mm LS long sleeve Semidry will get you out for great surfs in comfort. To find out more on how ION Wetsuits can power your surfing check here: ION Wetsuits Core Performance

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm


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