Soft X Foamy Surfboard


The Soft X Foamy Softboard gives you great value in a softboard with durable foam core & fast slick bottom. It’s great for fun or for starting your surfing lifestyle



Soft X Foamy Surfboard

The Soft X Foamy Surfboard is a great value full featured Beginners board. It’s a softboard which means most of the board is covered in soft foam, unlike a normal surfboard that has a hard fibreglass construction. This gives you a range of features great for starting your surfing. The foam is more comfortable when you lay on the board paddling. Also when you get the odd bang and bump from the board it’s also a lot softer. This softboard is a bigger board with a generous shape so there’s plenty of area to float you and get you going. When paddling you’ll catch waves more easily picking up the swell. The width gives you stability so helping you get to your feet. Once you’re on your feet you can start to progress as the shape tucks in at the tail, helping you do turns. Being a Softboard you might think the Soft X Foamy Surfboard is soft. The board is constructed for durability to take everything Beginner surfers dish out. Externally there’s EVA bumpers on the rails. This is tougher material so if you bang the board it won’t damage. Internally there’s stringers, strengtheners like a normal surfboard. These help keep the board from breaking if hit by powerful waves. The stringers also help the board keep its shape on the wave. So giving you speed and performance. An HDPE plastic slick covers the bottom giving you protection from damage. It’s the same as used on bodyboards so you get speed and fun. The Soft X Foamy Surfboard comes with 3 soft fins. Check our range of Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 225 × 59 × 9 cm


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