Ryder Apprentice Foam Softboard


The Ryder Apprentice Foam Soft Board gives great fun for Beginners and Pros wanting to mix it up. High tech deck and slick materials add to your performance. The outline design gives makes paddling, wave catching and big moves easy


Ryder Apprentice Foam Softboard

The Ryder Apprentice Foam Softboard is super fun for Beginners and a great board to mix up your surfing. Being a softboard it’s made from soft foam so it’s great for Beginners who may get the odd bump from the board as they progress. While the top and rails of foam surfboards are soft the Ryder bottom features a high tech plastic slick like those used on bodyboads. This gives high speed on the wave, and speed equates to fun. The Ryder softboard surfboard also has fins. These are plastic too. They’re firm enough to give you direction and hold on the wave while being soft enough to ride in the flags and safer for Beginners.

The inner core is EPS, a buoyant foam making it easy to paddle and catch waves. The core is also 100% waterproof and reinforced so it won’t take on water and will be long lasting. 1 or 2 moulded reinforced marine ply stringers are internal depending on the model. These give strength to your board so you get durability in the event of being hit by a powerful wave. The stringers also give you performance as they keep your board to it’s high speed shape on the wave. It’s one of the most fun soft surfboards Australia has to offer.

Progress Your Surfing

The Ryder Apprentice offers a great fun shape that will give wave performance. It’s got a full nose for easy wave catching. The rails are straight and combined with the flatness of the board give you speed. The tail has extra width that gives stability. So you get great area to give you planning. You’ll be floating over slow and dead sections and carving good ones. The deck is a High Performance Extruded Barrier Skin, a high strength foam that dents less easily and lasts longer. While the included plastic fins of the softboard surfboard are great for Beginners the Ryder incorporates the IFBS Interchangeable Fin Box System so you can swap out for high performance models. fins. The Ryder Apprentice Foam Softboard is designed for you the Ryder. It’s one of the most fun soft surfboards Australia has to offer. Check our range of Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 60 × 20 cm


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